eScan for Home Users

eScan Antivirus (AV) Home User Version - Special Offer - 1 User 1 Year

eScan AntiVirus Edition and Internet Security Suite for Home users are comprehensive AntiVirus and Content Security solutions.
They are designed to protect your personal computers from Malware and other Information security threats. It also makes your
Internet browsing safe so that you can search and surf the Internet without any worry.

eScan Antivirus (AV) Home User Version

Trendy and easy to use graphical user interface, designed to suit emerging technology
Best protection against security threats without compromising computer speed
On-demand scanner with whitelisting technology, fast and light on system resources
Real-time protection for all files and folders in the computer
Uninterrupted gaming: eScan automatically detects the game and does not display notifications
Protection of laptop batteries: Switch on Laptop (Battery) Mode and eScan delays memory intensive processes - but real-time protection remains active.
Firewall can be customised to your requirements. Option to block execution of network-based executable files, thus preventing spread of infections
Ability to lock important files so they cannot be modified or deleted unless you unlock them. This protects these files from being affected by malware.
Self-protection technology that prevents new generation malware from disabling eScan or deleting its critical files, thus ensuring its reliability.
Eradicate rootkits and file infectors resistant to normal cleaning. With eScan 11 you can create Windows-based rescue disk files. The rescue disk cleans rootkits and file infectors from boot-infected computers that cannot be cleaned in the normal mode of the windows operating system.
eScan's Product Installation CD comes with installation setup files and a bootable rescue disk which clean boots the computer if the operating system fails to load on it.
eScan checks and delivers your Microsoft updates without allowing your security to be switched off.
eScan continuously provides automatic compressed updates for software and virus and spam definitions, keeping your protection right
Round-the-clock free expert support, via email, Live Chat and Forums is provided to all eScan customers


eScan Internet Security Suite Home User Version - Special Offer - 1 User 1 Year

eScan Internet Security Suite is a comprehensive Antivirus and Content Security solution
that provides protection from Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Phishing, Offensive Content and many
more information security threats.

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