A BOX IIIa_box_III_1_300

A Set-Top Box with attitude!
A multicultural voice from home!


* Upgrades of media apps
* High Definition reception of over 1,000 World wide live channels -
China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Vietnam, USA, Europe, some Fox
* Thousands of free apps from Google Play Store pre-installed
* Free HD TV serials, dramas, and movies from around the world
* Free HD Satellite TV channels from around the world
* Choice of colour - black or white
Price: $154 Incl GST
Buy now: White
Buy Now:Black


* OS: Android 4.2 based Open Source
* Dual Core CPU
* Processor Frequency: 1.6 GHz
* RAM: DDR3 1GBBlack
* Internal Memory: 4GB
* Memory Card: Built in SD card reader
* HD Hardware decoded
* Video formats: Using Video Stream to Output - supports all formats, video and audio
* Output Resolution: 1080P HD Hardware Decode
* Supports Skype, QQ, Samba, Netfix, YouTube
* 3x USB ports supporting keyboard, mouse and USB drive
* Built-in Wireless or Cable Connection

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