Frequent requests for Linux friendly hardware have led us into supplying hardware locally on an ad hoc basis.

With the backing of a superb team of suppliers, we have decided to go one step further and offer on our web some of the quality products available to us at very competitive prices.

We are able to offer hardware that we have tested to work with the Linux operating systems that we support and of course with the various Windows editions and Mac OSX.

Computers can be supplied with Linux pre-installed as a single or dual boot system, and with RAM, processor and hard drive to your specifications. We will also supply reliable peripheral devices as required.

We can supply a very wide range of products with varying specifications. On our web you will see the most popular items, and special offers. Should you require an item not shown on our web site, please contact us to ask for more information or a quote. info@mandriva.com.au 02 4423 1761

Prices quoted will be for the basic product, and include GST. Should you require modifications to your specifications, please request a quote.

Freight: Some of our suppliers ship direct to the end user free of charge.

When freight charges are necessary, they will of course vary according to weight and distance, so will need to be added to your initial quote.

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