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McAfee Total Protection

Complete Anti Virus protection for up to 3 PCs McAfeeTotalprotection200 for $89.99
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Anti Virus Protection:

Anti Malware Protection

No Trojans, viruses, spyware, rootkits

Detects, quarantines & blocks viruses & malware -
No damage to your PCs

Blocks zero-day threats & botnets
No nasty surprises

Parental Control:
Blocks inappropriate sites
Sets appropriate times for internet usage
Limits amount of internet usage
Records kids' internet usage and sites visited for your information

Email Protection:
Blocks dangerous emails
Blocks junk mail

Privacy and PC Optimization
Identifies software in need of updating with McAfee Vulnerability Scanner. Checks the version on your PC against our database.
Deletes unnecessary cookies and temporary internet files with McAfee Quickclean to avoid slowing down your PC
McAfee Shredder securely destroys unwanted sensitive files, eg tax documents.

Wi-Fi Protection
Two-way Firewall monitors and stops traffic in and out of your PC trying to connect to suspicious servers and known Botnets.
Remote monitoring of your home Wi-Fi network.
Prevents eavesdropping on your internet usage.

Site Advisor
Guidance on whether to click or not.
Protection from malicious downloads

Social Network Protection
Leverages SiteAdvisor technology to append red, yellow and green icons to indicate whether social media posts from "friends"are safe to click."
Provides a safe way to share shortened links with your social network, halts navigation to safe sites that have been hacked.

File Lock
Keeps sensitive files protected even if PC is lost, stolen or hacked.
Encrypts confidentail information.
Uses 26-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Technology.

McAfee All Access

Unlimited licences to protect all the devices you own - 1 user 1 year $49.99
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Covers all your PCs, Macs, smartphones & tablets.
New devices can be added.
Blocks viruses, malware, online threats, spam.
Protects identity and data.
Email protection

Comprehensive Mobile Security
Mobiles protected from data loss, theft, and risky apps.
Real-time protection against mobile viruses and spam.
Data protected from risky apps.

Password Manager
McAfee SafeKey saves & remembers your online passwords.
Creates new and powerful ones as needed.
Syncs automatically across all your devices

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