McAfee Internet Security

McAfee offers total security in two forms:

There is Cloud based or SAAS (Software as a Service) Security. In this case your internet protection software is stored on ultra secure McAfee servers which are updated promptly whenever a new virus or threat is detected.

Then there is the option where the user installs the same protective software onto his own devices as in house security. This on premise security is automatically updated by McAfee every time he logs on.

We recommend the Cloud as the better option. It is marginally more secure, and cheaper.

We believe that every user needs to ensure his total security. This means both email and internet security, covering every device you own which has access to the internet.

McAfee Cloud Protectionclouds7_150

McAfee Security for Business
Essentially for business. Ideal for the well-equipped home user or home business, but does not include child protection controls.

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McAfee On Premise Protection InHouseYoung_office_workers150

McAfee Total Protection
Gives total protection for your PC. Includes child protection.

McAfee All Access
Unlimited licences to protect all the devices you own, but does not include child protection.

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McAfee Family ProtectionFamilyProtection150
Child protection blocking unwanted sites and those using unwanted words.
We recommend you use it together with Security for Business or All Access.

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