UPDATE 15th November 2011

We now also have confirmed success with:
3 Network
Optus (Setup with Optus )

Thanks guys - keep the good news coming!

NB for Telstra 3G Linux solution:

Please note the system has changed but it is just as easy.

Firstly what NOT to do
If you go to the Mandriva Control Centre and Select

<Network & Internet>
<Set Up New Network Interface>

You will get an error message:
"No device can be found for this connection type"

You solve this by going instead to the new Network Manager
Select network Icon on the task bar.
You will then get a screen to add a new network connection.
Add the new connection name "Telstra" or Other service provider
and press OK.


You will be taken to an input form to enter your account details.
The details for My Telstra 3G connection are as follows:

You must of course use the user name assigned to you by your service provider and the password that you set up with them. These are available on the account setup paperwork.
After the account details have been setup on your computer you only have to plug in your USB Modem and wait about a minute for it to connect.

For Telstra 3G Connect with Mandriva Linux 2010.1 Solution.
All you have to do is:
Initial setup:

* Get your Telstra 3G USB Wireless modem, User Name & Password
* Insert modem in USB Port
* Select <Configure Your Computer>
* Select <Network & Internet>
* Select <Set Up New Network Interface>
* Select <GPRS/edge/3G>
* Program displays ppp0:ZTE,Incorporated ZTE CDMA Technologies MSM
* Click Next
* Telstra Mobile
* Click Next
Program displays 5 possible Telstra Account Types - Select the one that applies to you: EG In our case telstra.bigpond
This has been changed from Telstra (3G data pack)
* Click Next
* Enter User name (Note your user name includes
* Enter Password
* Click Next
* Option to click <Start on boot> (If you select this option and your 3G modem is inserted before you boot the computer, it will automatically start)
* Program asks <Do you want to start the connection now?>
* Click Yes
* System says <Congratulations, the network configuration has been finished.>

Future Use:
* Insert Telstra 3G USB wireless modem
* Either start on boot, system remembers your User Name & Password
* Or Click on network connection icon on task bar
* Select <GPRS/edge/3G>
* Click on <Connect>

2013 Update:


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