Virus!Hacker Recognize it, Kill it!

If your internet connection is suddenly much slower - and you have not exceeded your bandwidth allowance - you most probably have one or more viruses using your internet connection bandwidth - at your expense.

If friends say they are getting emails from you that you did not send, it is almost certainly a virus sending from your machine to everyone on your mailing list.

What to do?

Log on to and follow the prompts

MWAV will identify all viruses on your machine and remove them without any loss of data or programs. This is a free and very thorough service.

Now, change your passwords.

You can then avail yourself of Microworld's offer of one month's free trial of their antivirus or internet security programs.
Just click on the eScan Product page and selectthe security product appropriate to your needs. Click on <Try Now>
for a one month obligation free trial.
If you wish to discuss the advantages of the various products contact us on (02) 4423 1761 or

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