eScan has thebases covered

Protection is now availableAll the bases
for most platforms:

  • Windows - all versions
  • Linux - nearly all versions
  • Apple Mac OSX
  • Android phones and tablets

eScan antivirus and content security key benefits:

Ensures Business continuity

  • Prevents malware outbreaksTaking control
  • Protects from data theft,identity

  • Avoids productivity loss and security violations
  • Gives enhanced multi-layered protection
  • Provides day zero protection against malware, hacking,
    phishing, and spam to server and clients

Reduces IT costs

  • Reduces security management costs through file reputation services,ADS integration and support for VMware, SYSLOG, SNMP, NAC and NAP
  • Customised client installation
  • Active directory services integration
  • File reputation services, real-time
    protection against malware on the clients

  • Powerful heuristic scanning for proactive protection
  • Enhanced web protection with virtual keyboard, web phishing and malware URL filter
  • Auto backup and restoration of critical system files
  • Export and import eScan management console settings

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