eScanGuardsFromSpies&HackerseScan to the Rescue : An Anti-virus Experiment

We have to thank our client Joe* for the opportunity to run this interesting test. Not for the first time, he had done lots of things wrong. Firstly, he had failed to update his virus protection every day (who does?) Then, he clicked buttons he ought to have ignored. (We all know curiosity killed the cat, it can also kill your computer.)

As subsequent events revealed, he had two separately loaded sets of virus programs. One infected 7 files, the other 8 files - ie a total of 15 infected files on the computer. He rang. He couldn't get into his email program. (No wonder. His 15 uninvited guests were so busy sending out their messages that Joe couldn't get a look-in.) Veterans of prior experience, we looked for viruses first. And we grabbed an ideal opportunity to test eScan against some of the other popular anti-virus programs.

Anti-Virus program A found and isolated 7 infected files. (NB in the interests of the experiment we did not at this stage delete them.) One of the virus programs disabled Anti-Virus A, rendering it unable to update its virus definition files, and so unable to find the other 8.

Anti-Virus program B came up with the message: "Your hard drive contains known viruses. To remove these pay lots of money." We didn't.

Anti-Virus program C found nothing.

Anti-Virus program D was the eScan MWave Virus Removal Tool, the Microworld Anti-Virus product. eScan cleaned the system and eliminated the infections. Note, we did not need to delete the infected files, eScan did it for us after identifying all the infected files. It did this without deleting the data in the files. However, one of the viruses did attach to the USB controller driver, and we had to search the internet for the correct replacement driver and install it. And we paid nothing. The eScan Anti-virus Tool Kit is a free service.

In fairness to all the antivirus programs concerned, Joe had not updated his virus definition files for several weeks.

All the programs tested, with the exception of eScan, were attempting to load the antivirus program onto the infected computer disk. However, this is most often the situation encountered by home users. They do not have a spare hard drive, and if they did, they do not know how to set up a clean boot hard drive with the infected drive installed as a slave to avoid the virus files being started when the computer is started. In other words, they need to remove the virus in order to install the anti-virus program. This is not the most popular or cost-effective operation, because, without knowing where the virus is, it is necessary to delete everything on the hard drive, thus losing all the data.

The strength and success of eScan is that, unlike other products, it is not installed on the client's machine. It runs from the internet, up to date in its definitions, without effort on the part of the user. External to the infected computer, eScan provides the clean boot and converts the user's computer into a slave for the purpose of the operation, without requiring expertise from you. We reckon this is preferable to finding your computer has become a slave to the hacker who has invaded your space.

Joe's computer now has eScan Internet Security installed. And it is being updated automatically every 4 hours, without any interference to his other activities.

NB If you suspect your computer's unsatisfactory performance is caused by malware .....................

click on and use the free MWAV to check for and remove the problem.
For instructions on using this program, see our article on Virus!

If viruses have been removed, change your passwords.

Then, if you need a full internet security solution, go to the Products - eScan section of this web site to place your order for eScan Internet Security to avoid further problems. You have the option of a month's obligation-free trial of this software before buying.

(* Not his real name, we want to keep him as a client.)

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